Join Our Meetup!

Just a quick update to share that we have formed a meetup group on ! We are already planning on holding a series of events in the Twin Cities to share the value proposition, use them as membership drives and find volunteers for the various subcommittees we’ll need to collectively get this online! […]

Here’s a tip! Or not?

At #Minnebar18 yesterday we laid out our initial vision for a Ride Sharing service based on a Cooperative entity structure to a warm reception! The audience was familiar with coops in general and some were members of food coops. When I suggested that Riders could “advertise” their tipping history and mentioned that the word “TIPS” had an […]

Stakeholders : Local Businesses

One of the ideas on the table is encouraging local businesses to join as well! Imagine a bar downtown has a band but they are no where near capacity and while they might have a $20 cover charge they could absolutely push out an offer to the network to offer “free ridesharing” to/from the event […]

Cooperative Formed in Minnesota

We are excited to share that our registration has been made effective in Minnesota by the Secretary of State! As shared on LinkedIN from here we will obtain an EIN from the IRS and begin assembling a provisional board: And we will explore capitalization using the MNvest crowdfunding option: Potential use […]

A More Cooperative Ride Sharing Experience

A truly decentralized, peer to peer ride-sharing system based on a cooperative model where riders and drivers mutually agree on the equitable value provided and earned using a real time auction model. What makes this model different: The system will be designed using an open-source decentralized distributed ledger based on a gossip protocol that can […]